Cannon Battles on San Diego Bay

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Tall Ships Battle on the bay.

Come Join the crews of the tall ships and revel in the experience of tall ship sailing while we engage the opposing ship in a mock Cannon battle on the bay.

Enjoy a trip back into time as we mock battle with our adversary. Watch from the deck as we come into range of our target, and fire (blanks) from our deck guns, emitting an eardrum-rattling boom and a dense cloud of smoke. The mock battle will employ the same tactics used during the mid-to late 1800s when the Gold Rush brought people to the West Coast. Ships like the Californian, a revenue cutter, served as a precursor to the Coast Guard. Built for speed and armed with heavy fire power, they would chase down merchant ships that failed to pay proper tariffs.

Experience and participate in the thrill of tall ship maneuvers and tactical combat at sea aboard one of two tall ships where you’ll battle the other tallship with black powder cannons.

See Festival of Sail page for participating ships.

Festival of Sail Cannon Battle.
Dates: Friday August 30, Saturday August 31, Sunday Sept 1, Monday Sept 2
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*Schedule is subject to change. Cannon battle sails may be postponed or cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, mechanical problems, safety concerns or for any reason determined by Maritime Museum of San Diego staff to be sufficient cause to cancel or postpone the cruise. Postponements or cancellations may occur anytime right up to departure.