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No classes scheduled for 2014.

Celestial Navigation Class.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego will once again host its popular twelve week course on history of celestial navigation through the ages.

The course will integrate the history of great voyages, maritime exploration, seaborne empire and scientific advance along with a thorough grounding in how to do celestial navigation and how it was done in past centuries.

In keeping with the museums standard approach to education, this course is as much about storied of life in the past (before anyone dreamed of GPS) as it is about the practical application of a technique now considered almost arcane.

The class will be held on the museums historic ferryboat Berkeley, Tuesday evenings from 6pm-8pm starting on April 9 and concluding on June 25. The class will also include a sail on the tall ship Californian to demonstrate and utilize skills learned in the course.

This 12 week class costs $300 per person which includes all materials, handouts and the sail. All proceeds from the class will go to the construction of the 1542 galleon, San Salvador, discovery ship of California now in progress of the building at Spanish Landing.

Cost: $300.00 per person
Class Dates: Starts April 9th, 2013, ends June 25, 2013
Class Time: 12 Tuesday evenings from 6pm to 8pm aboard the Berkeley