Grade Level Descriptions



Sense Ability

Lean about the five senses while tasting salt, hearing the ship’s bell, looking through a spyglass, smelling spices, and touching the helm (steering wheel) on the Star of India.


First Grade


Do the Continental

Discover the seven continents through the use of different maps aboard our historic ships, including the Star of India.


Second Grade


Timelines and Rhymes

Students are asked to put the ships they visit in the correct order on a timeline according to the age of the vessel. The Star of India (1896) will be our reference point.


Third Grade


Ocean Motion

Modes of boat propulsion are discussed using our ships as examples. Students are asked what discoveries such as electricity meant to explorers and ship designers.


Fourth Grade


Island of the Amazons

How did California get its name? This and other interesting facts and legends about famous explorers will be discussed, as well as the reason behind some notable expeditions.


Fifth Grade



Learn how important a good cartographer is to an expedition! Students will learn basic map reading skills while comparing maps from the past 500 years.


Sixth Grade


What Happened Here?

By examining artifacts and archeological evidence recovered from a sunken ship, students are asked to describe what type of ship it was and what brought about its demise.


Combination grade classes are always welcome. We are happy to work with you to create a program for your class.


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