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Mains'l Haul

Published since 1964, Mains'l Haul is the only peer-reviewed North American journal devoted to the Pacific's maritime heritage. Each richly illustrated issue is devoted to a single topic related to the Pacific's past.

Our mission is to encourage the interdisciplinary study of the Pacific's rich heritage, while providing readers with public history produced to professional standards. In the pages of Mains'l Haul contributions by established scholars, students and amateur scholars alike, share insights from their research in several disciplines. Articles are abstracted and indexed by the Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life online services and in the Mains'l Haul Index (see below) for the benefit of researchers worldwide.

You can also download our Journal's 124 page index.
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Mains'l Haul has covered thousands of topics during its forty-six years of publication. Several popular issues have been reprinted in book form and are available online from our Museum Store. Many other back issues listed in our 124-page index can also be purchased from the museum's MacMullen Library.

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Upcoming Issues

Topics for current and upcoming issues include: Prehistory: Pacific Seafarers and Maritime Cultures;The Building of the Discovery Ship, San Salvador and One Hundred and Fifty Years at Sea, The Star of India Commemorative Issue.

Author Guidelines

The articles we seek must be more than simply factually accurate - they must be of interest to readers of many backgrounds worldwide, and should make compelling reading.

Mains'l Haul (ISSN# 1540-3386) welcomes submissions from professional and amateur scholars and students alike. We encourage the widest variety of perspectives on the Pacific's rich heritage, whether historical, archaeological, anthropological, or art-historical, and we also seek unpublished first-person accounts of important events.

In advance of sending in your article, the editor suggests you send a query letter or email an outline of your article and photo samples with a CV. When your article is requested for consideration:

  • Articles should be 3,000 words (or less) in length, plus footnotes, must contain previously unpublished research, and must be written to engage both general and scholarly readers.
  • We request that authors follow our "house style" of documentation (based on The Chicago Manual of Style) to ensure consistency.
  • Illustrations are welcome, but please send duplicate prints only (not originals), or high resolution (600 dpi) scans on CD.
  • We welcome electronically submitted articles (12 point, double-spaced) in Microsoft Word. Since all articles are peer-reviewed prior to publication, if possible, please email your submission, or mail a hard copy along with a CD version.
  • If you would like your material returned after review, please enclose an SAE, otherwise it will remain on file for further consideration.

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To submit your article, or questions, please contact:
Neva Sullaway
(619) 234-9153 x 118
Maritime Museum of San Diego
1492 North Harbor Drive
San Diego, CA 92101 USA

Mains'l Haul's Editorial Board

These distinguished scholars guide Mains'l Haul's overall direction and help define its purpose. Peer reviewers are drawn from among them, and from scholars worldwide who can expertly assess the specific subject matter of individual articles we receive.

  • Raymond Ashley, Ph.D. President/CEO Maritime Museum of San Deigo
  • Iris W. Engstand, Ph.D. University of San Diego
  • W. Michael Mathes, Ph.D. El Colegio de Jalisco
  • Carla Rahn Phillips, Ph.D. University of Minnesota
  • Timothy Runyan, Ph.D. East Carolina University
  • Abraham J. Shragge Ph.D. University of California, San Diego
  • Raymond Starr, Ph.D. San Diego State University, Emeritus
  • William Still, Ph.D. East Carolina University, Emeritus
  • Richard Unger, Ph.D. University of British Columbia
  • Daniel Vickers, Ph.D. University of California, San Diego

Mains'l Haul Errata

Believe it or not, even peer-reviewed journals make mistakes. Because Mains'l Haul's format does not lend itself to including letters to the editor, we attempt to excerpt your comments here. Please contact us at:

Horrors! Especially observant readers will have detected the following errors in past issues:

On pages 14 and 15 of the Summer/Fall 2004 issue, MEDEA & The Classic Steam Yachts, the photo identified as Venetia is actually Nahlin on San Diego Bay in the 1930s.

On page 34 of the Winter 2005 issue, The Kettenburgs: San Diego Yacht Builders, Tom Kettenburg points out that the boat repair division was incorrectly identified as a significant source of revenue for the company. In fact, it was seldom very profitable at all.

Charlie Underwood, Jr., points out that the same article fails to mention that his father, a partner in the Kettenburg firm, was very much involved in the layout and design of their postwar sailboats.

On page 15 of the Fall/Winter 2006, Spain's Legacy in the Pacific, we apologize to author Greg Bankoff, noting correctly that he is Associate Professor in the School of Asian Studies at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

In The Last Days of Fishing, V.44, No.1&2, Winter/Spring 2008, pg. 63, the authors are son Otto Kiessig and grandson Russell Kiessig (not the son of Frank K. as stated in the Editor's note).

We hope to add very little to this section in the future.

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