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Star of India Sea Chanteys

Click here to download the lyrics to Star of India Sea Chanteys.

Track Listing


  1. Drunken Sailor
  2. John Kanaka
  3. Roll The Chariot
  4. Strike the Bell
  5. Leave Her Johnny
  6. Haul Away Joe
  7. Homeward Bound
  8. Leaving of Liverpool
  9. Oh California
  10. Rio Grande Sailors Hornpipe
  11. Banks of the Sacramento
  12. Santy Ano
  13. Euterpe Waltz
  14. A Ripping Trip


Prelude To Revolution


Click here to download the lyrics to Prelude to Revolution.


Track Listing


  1. God Save The King Vocal
  2. God Save The King
  3. I've Got Sixpence Vocal
  4. I've Got Sixpence
  5. The Girl I Left Behind Vocal
  6. The Girl I Left Behind
  7. Revolutionary Tea Vocal
  8. Revolutionary Tea
  9. Yankee Doodle Vocal
  10. Yankee Doodle
  11. Young Ladies In Town Vocal
  12. Yound Ladies In Town