San Salvador Build Site at Spanish Landing


The date is set!
Ready, Set, Launch San Salvador
Sunday, April 19, 2015

• We are currently working on the event details and more information will be posted as they get finalized.

• You can help fund our launch goal of $15,000. Just a thousand donations of $15.00 dollars each will help us reach our goal. Spread the word and help be a part of history. Click here to launch.


San Salvador photos, videos, and in the news.


Photographer Jerry Soto’s comprehensive photographic record of San Salvador Construction at Spanish Landing Park. Click Here to view.

UT San Diego, The Maritime Museum of San Diego's project to recreate the Spanish galleon San Salvador is making steady progress. Click Here to view.

Port of San Diego San Salvador Replica Ceremonial Keel Laying. Click Here to view.


02-21-2013 - San Salvador 60 Percent Complete After Two Years Of Construction.
KPBS SAN DIEGO — Just across from the San Diego airport, a parking lot is celebrating a major milestone: the two-year anniversary of when it was transformed into a 16th century shipyard. Click Here for Video and story.

04-18-2012 - Maritime Museum Rebuilds 500-Year-Old Spanish Ship.
KPBS SAN DIEGO — Historically accurate replica of Cabrillo’s San Salvador will sail to celebrate discovery of San Diego. Click Here for Video and story.

04-15-2011 - Maritime Museum Building San Salvador Replica.
10 NEWS SAN DIEGO - The keel of a full-scale replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo's flagship he used in 1542 when he sailed into San Diego Bay was laid Friday at Spanish Landing Park. Click Here for Video.

07-07-2011 - San Salvador Replica Ship Under Construction on San Diego Bay.
PORT OF SAN DIEGO - A vital link to San Diego's maritime history is taking shape at the Port of San Diego's Spanish Landing Park. Click Here for Video.

05-17-2011 - San Salvador Replica construction has begun.
The build-site at Spanish Landing will be open to the public starting June 24th, 2011, where one can observe this historic event. Click Here for Video.

In the News

04-15-2011 - Port of San Diego, Maritime Museum Celebrate Milestone in Construction of Historic Ship Replica. Click Here to view.

04-15-2011 - National Park Service, Park Participates In Keel-Laying Ceremony. Click Here to view.


San Salvador Village at Spanish landing
Site hours 11:00am - 4:00pm daily.


San Salvador gifts and collectables:

San Salvador – Cabrillo’s Galleon of Discovery is now available. To get your copy and see other San Salvador gifts and collectables Click here.


San Salvador Webcam view:

Stills and Real-time generated time-lapse animations
Webcam is owned and supported by the National Park Service, installation and hosting by HPWREN - Click Here to view.


San Salvador paper models.

v1 is an Advanced Difficulty Level, and v2 is a Medium Difficulty Level.

San Salvador paper models are FREE of charge by the Maritime Museum of San Diego, this model will help teach young and old alike the details of sixteenth-century Spanish galleons. The paper model is made from a series of digital design sheets that are downloaded over the internet and printed out on paper from an ink-jet or color laser printer.

• Download v1 Advanced Difficulty Level San Salvador paper model. Click here for v1.

• Download v2 Medium Difficulty Level San Salvador paper model. Click here for v2.


San Salvador posters.

Available for download, 3 beautifully designed San Salvador posters depicting the design, building, and voyage to California. Click here to download.



San Salvador is being constructed in full public view at Spanish Landing, giving you the opportunity to watch from a close perspective as an example of the first modern industrial activity in the Americas comes to life before your eyes.

Enjoy a rare opportunity to visit this most historic of shipbuilding endeavors. As a Museum member you can visit the build site as often as you please, you will also be able to visit the site with your museum admission.

Building San Salvador at the prominent waterfront Spanish Landing village, some of what you will fine will be demonstrations on shipbuilding, blacksmith, sail making, Native American Kumeyaay demonstrations such as tulle boats, baskets, and pottery making. Ship models will be on display for your viewing enjoyment. Costumed docents from Cabrillo National Monument will be giving tours on select days. Gift shop available on site.

After construction, San Salvador will remain on exhibit as part of the Museum's fleet of historic and replica ships and will travel along the California coast as an ambassador for San Diego.

See history being made.


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