Building Kettenburgs

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Building Kettenburgs

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About the author: Historian Mark Allen, a California native educated in California, Virginia, and Colorado, was a longtime editor of Mains'l Haul, the quarterly magazine of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. The wide-ranging research and oral history interviews he conducted for this work confirmed to him that the essence of the Kettenburg Boat Works was the human connections established within the company and among the owners of their handsome boats. His efforts offer to a broader audience an appreciation of the remarkable story of Kettenburg boats and people. Mark Allen lives in San Diego with his wife Laura and their children.

If a man can build the best of himself into a boat, then perhaps a family and a family business, can too. "Integrity" informs the best of craftsmanship as a lasting consequence of choices made by living human beings. A surprising amount of the Kettenburgs' wooden architecture survives, still afloat on the Pacific. This isn't to say that other builders' work lacked quality. It's just that integrity was synonymous with Kettenburg Boat Works─from the sailboats themselves on up.

Nevertheless, many excellent boats survived the demise of the company. In the 1990s, a growing cadre of enthusiasts began collecting, restoring, and racing the classic PCs, PCCs, K 38s, and other distinctive Kettenburg designs. Through research, restoration, and racing, they keep alive the legacy of one of the West Coast's premier boatbuilders.

ISB: 978-0-939511-26-6
224 pages, 186 images, 10 x 11 (hardcover)

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