Sailing the Star of India DVD

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Sailing the Star of India DVD

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It's finally here! The DVD that everyone had been waiting for. The step by step detailed description of sailing the Star of India.
The Weighing and Anchoring chapter states how the raising or weighing of an anchor is done, with 16 crew men, when going out for a sail on the Star of India.
Setting, Trimming and Dousing Sails chapter states the chain of command from skipper to mastcaptain launching a series of coordinated actions which will be carried out by the crew on deck in order to set the sails wind and course. Dousing sails means to put up the sails.
Tacking and Wearing chapter states how tacking is to turn into the wind, wearing is turning down wind from port to starboard.
Navigation is narrated by our Director here at the Maritime Museum, Ray Ashley, which he uses piloting, coastal navigation, and celestial navigation to tell us where to chart a course to the next destination.

Approx. 39 mins
Narrated by Raymond Ashley

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