Tattoos & Scrimshaw: The Sailor Art

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Showing March 21, 2014 to January 25, 2015

Gould Eddy Gallery Aboard Berkeley.

Tattoos and Scrimshaw: The Art of the Sailor

The modern western tattoo evolved from the early days of global exploration, when ancient mariners sailed to the South Pacific communities and were introduced to the idea of body art. Tattoos became synonymous with maritime service. These iconic symbols and imagery tell stories and traditions that are ages old.

In a similar fashion, scrimshaw transferred the idea of tattooing from the skin to the whale tooth and bone, with the use of pigment and the skill of engraving. Indelible and highly personal, tattoos and scrimshaw capture in ink the stories of our maritime culture. Scrimshaw pieces tend to depict many themes, but most prominent were women followed by marine or whaling scenes.

The exhibit opens to the public on March 21, 2014 and is included with normal museum admission.

On March 30, the museum will have an event open to the public from 10am-3pm with presentations and activities showcasing the skill and artistry of tattoos and scrimshaw. Hands on activities will be available for the kids. Included with General Admission to the museum.

Exclusively at the Maritime Museum of San Diego

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