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San Salvador Advisory Committee.

Committee Chair, William “Bill” Scripps Businessman and philanthropist
David Rockefeller, Jr. Philanthropist, sailor, and advocate for ocean stewardship
The Honorable Pete Wilson Former Governor of the State of California and U.S. Senator
The Right Honorable Lord Greenway Member of Great Britain’s House of Lords and World Ship Trust
Steve Cushman Businessman and philanthropist
Tom Torlakson California State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Gary Jobson Internationally recognized sailor
Bill Walton Renowned athlete and philanthropist
Alex Roland Former NASA historian and author of, Way of the Ship
Charlie Robins Retired businessman and philanthropist
Malin Burnham Philanthropist, sailor, and community leader
Mary Crowley Sailor and advocate for ocean stewardship
Dr. Carla Rahn Phillips University of Minnesota history professor, Knighted by Spain’s King Juan Carlos, authority on Spanish maritime and naval history

San Salvador looks forward as much as she looks back. In the years to come, she will serve in scientific and environmental capacities, as a platform for seawater sampling to help map the genetic structure of vast array of microorganisms found in ocean waters. She may also participate in efforts to draw attention to the growing Pacific Gyres (those great concentrations of litter that have accumulated in reaction to the tidal actions). San Salvador would present a visual like no other capable of focusing the world’s attention to these and other matters of societal concern in the twenty-first century. San Salvador will also retrace parts of the routes taken by Cook and Darwin on their eighteenth century investigations that paved the way for the world we live in today.

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