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Celebrate Star of India's
150th Birthday

Recreating what a waterfront may have looked like when a ship pulled into a port after having been gone on a long journey. Ships would bring all kinds of items from far away places ... silk, spices, etc

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November 16 & 17, 2013
10 am to 4 pm

  • Farmers market with fruits and vegetables
  • Livestock (petting zoo)
  • Cannon firings and demonstrations
  • “Abe Lincoln” will read the Gettysburg Address (150th anniversary of the initial document)
  • Performances by the Gas Lamp Players
  • Civil War re-enactors and demonstrations
  • And more to be added.

See "Abe Lincoln" deliver the Gettysburg Address.

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Festivities Included with General Admission

Victorian Marketplace • Horse Drawn Carriages • Folks in period Dress • Historic Vehicle Display • Victorian Music and Dance Demonstrations • Farmers Market • Seafaring Heritage • Demonstrations - Rope Making, Sail Raising and Much Much More...