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Full & By is the newsletter of the Maritime Museum of San Diego. It is mailed quarterly to members and friends of the museum. Full & By is a term describing a sailing vessel when all sails are drawing full and the course steered is as close to the eye of the wind as possible. Here at the maritime museum, it also describes the efforts of our staff, crew, volunteers, members and donors whose accomplishments are detailed in each issue of Full & By. Click on the links below and read one of our recent issues-or better yet-become a member and have Full & By delivered to your home four times a year.

Euterpe Times, a creation of our sail volunteer crew member Brad Holderman with contributions by Bert Creighton and others. It was conceived as a way of connecting our sail crew with happenings at the Museum and around the world of tall ships, but is quickly becoming an expression of our entire museum family during the course of our voyage together, much as the original Euterpe Times was for those embarked on the Star of India as an emigrant ship long ago.

We hope that you enjoy reading the Euterpe Times and that it creates an ever growing awareness that we are an important part of a worldwide effort to celebrate and preserve our maritime heritage.


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