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We gratefully acknowledge the generous donors for the gifts that are making this project possible:

Ken Andersen and Melanie Potter
Capt Keith M. Arndt, USN (RET)
Bill and Jean Avera
E. Elliott Barker, Sr.
Bob Barnett
Jack G. Barthell
John G. Barthell
Christine Berggren and John Weidner - In honor of all the swift boat sailors who served in defense of our nation
Michael and Michele Bernique
Mr. Tim Blake
James B. Bogart
Terry Boone, SBSA - To all our 50 Fallen Swift Boat Comrades Still on Patrol
LCDR David M. Bradley, USN (Ret)
Barbara Summers Brant - In Honor of my husband Tuck Brant, PCF 36,93,96
Robert and Elizabeth Brown
Mead Cain
Jim Carolan – OinC PCF-63 – 1967-68, in memory of LTJG William H Murphy III, COSDIV OinC, KIA 19 November 1967
Susan and Terrence Costello
Matt D'Amico - OinC's/crew members of PCF 37
Donald Da Parma
James W. Deal - SBSA
John and Mary Ann Dooley
David Du
Paul and Diane Eckert
Sue Edwards
Stephen Ellul
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Don and Vickie Farrell
Tommy & Barbara Francis - SBSA
Capt Alfred French III - OinC of PCF9, November 68 to Nov 69, An Thoi, RVN
Mr. Edwin Galea
William C. Garlow
LCDR Neil F. Geis
Charlie Gibson
Tom and Poulet Green
Guy Gugliotta
Ken and Pam Guyer - All those who served courageously in the Brown Water Navy of Vietnam. GMGSN Ken Guyer, Cua Viet/ Dong Ha River Security, 1968-69
A. Robert Hager, Jr. - Swift Boat OIC with Coastal Division 15, Qui Nhon, Viet Nam from September 1966 to November 1967
Oliver G. Halle
Don Hammer
Wayne and Sharon Hanson
Rockne Harmon - To all of my crew, and all Swifties- the best of the best!
Richard Holleran
Mr. Duane Holman
Robert Hunt
Doug and Michelle Jacoby
Lt Stephen Janes, Tuck, Sully, Cappy, Leroy and Nellie - MY Crew - Cat Lo 12/67 to 4/68; Qui Nhon 4/68 to 7/68 - PCFs 102 and 62
Lt W. Homer Jennings - In Honor of Crew Of The "82" 09/05/69
Warren Jenny and Jeanie Haynes - In Memory of Harvey Farha EN3, Cam Rahn Bay, Cua Viet
Richard and Judith Kern
Ted Kenny
Monard and Jerene Kindley
Ernest J. "Bud" Kittle
Oliver P. Lent
Gary K. Liedorff
Allen LoBean and Carol Mastro
John and Bonnie Lorenz
Bill Lupetti, HM3 An-Thoi 1969
Ellen and Charles MacVean
Justin McCarthy
Lt Col Andrew Mallia, AFM
William S. Mann, Jr.
David P. Marion
Walt Maxam
Harry and Mary Ellen McConnell
Capt. Warren B. McDonald, (Ret)
Morgan Stanley
John Miller
Cyrus and Jill Monroe
Tim Mott
Frank and Judith Mueller
Dick Olsen
PCFDIV Qui Nhon '66-'67: Mr. Stuart Jewell, Mr. Charles B. Lindwall, Mr. James Spruance, III, Mr. Donald Tortorice, Mr. Bill Ulrich
Michael Peters
Thomas H. Pope, III
Warren L. Potts
Charles Rabel
Sean Paul Ricard
Gordon Riggle - Served as Officer-in-Charge of a Swift Boat in Coastal Division 15, Qui Nhon, Vietnam from March 1967 until March 1968
Grace Rodriquez
Laurence & Maria Rosato
Jimmy W. Sanford - In honor of all Swiftboat Sailors living and dead.
Rebecca Saikowski
Jack Shamley
Paul and E Louise Shepherd
B Tony and Valerie Snesko
Mike Solhaug
Capt. Reid Sprague - Qui Nhon - 1967-68
Bill Stanard
Tom and Paula Stanford
Stephen Stribling
Dr. Clay Stuckey
Jack Sutphen
Swift Boat Sailors Association, Inc.
Lois and Eldon Thompson
Allan and Paula Tilghman
Charles Till
Daniel Ustick
Capt. and Mrs. Art VanRooy
Diane & Katherine Wallace - Lt. j g RICHARD C. WALLACE killed in action aboard a swiftboat Nov.8, 1968
John E. Walsh and Deborah Ware - 1969 &am; 1970. My swiftboat was PCF-22
LCDR J. Phillip Webb, USN
Royal F. Wertz, Jr.
James M. Will
Tom Wright - PCF 89, Qui Nhon, Feb 68-Oct 69, and PCF 44, An Thoi, Nov 68-Apr 69.
John W. Yeoman
Robert Yeoman
Ronald L. Zimmerman and Sue Livingston

The Maritime Museum of San Diego in the news.
March, 2013 - From the UT and Channel 10News. Crunch time to restore Vietnam-era Swift Boat, and Sub thriller filmed at Maritime Museum - Click Here.



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