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Now San Diego's waterfront has the newest and most comprehensive results-oriented team building program for the corporate client or private group that seeks to develop the skills of leadership and communication and go to the next level of excellence.


Watch your staff become a crew as they experience the adventure of team building aboard the 140' schooner Californian.


The rigors of sailing a tall ship will challenge your team's minds and bodies and emphasize the critical importance of working together to meet and overcome obstacles to success.


Team building exercises aboard the Californian can range from a few hours to several days and can be tailored to focus on collaboration, brainstorming, effective communication, managing change, virtually any issue facing today's complex workplace.


Our innovative teambuilding program empowers people through experience and collaborative relationships. We provide opportunities for people to learn about themselves and others based on their actions and reactions in given situations.


Teambuilding through experiential education allows participants the opportunity to work through a problem-solving mission at an accelerated rate in comparison to their daily jobs and evaluate their performance as a unit.



Californian Teambuilding Participants are placed in an unfamiliar environment that breaks down barriers, levels the playing field and heightens awareness creating a readiness to learn. In a cooperative environment, conducive to risk taking, the group is presented with new skills and problem-solving situations leading individuals to actively engage in the challenges at hand. The excitement of the activity causes individuals to focus on the task and, consequently, remember what they have learned and experienced.


This program encourages individuals to rely on each other, strengthening the level of trust within the group and allows them to explore the hidden resources amongst team members creating a higher value for individual differences. A platform for trying on different leadership styles is created while participants practice communication skills. Throughout the problem-solving process, a direct correlation between cause and effect becomes evident. Thus the consequences of actions and behaviors are easily observed. Once awareness is created, individuals have the opportunity to determine the effectiveness of the displayed group and individual behaviors.


Many of the behaviors demonstrated during the experience also occur in other settings. Our goal is to assist participants as they draw parallels between the activity and the office and develop plans to support and/or change certain behaviors. Implementing this plan allows for positive personal and professional changes in the lives of individuals and thus develops the team as a whole.


Are you ready for the Adventure? Contact us to learn more how we can customize a team-building sailing program to meet your specific goals.


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