Theme Events

Theme Events are fun for everyone!


Positive reinforcement, recognition, and rewards are the top motivators of individual performance – and few strategies motivate people like a dynamic themed event.


Theme events are fun, stimulating, engaging, adaptable, and are sure to achieve any organizational goal. You are sure to find the Maritime Museum of San Diego and their Special Event Department a very affordable way to dazzle and delight the imaginations of your guests.


Our goals: captivate the senses of your audience, create a feeling of event originality, influence subconscious as well as conscious reactions, and integrate the event into a memorable occasion.


We will exceed your expectations and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to strong performance. We will work with you to create a truly memorable event concept. With the right mix of live entertainment, theatrical décor and special effects we will immerse your guests in the experience. Choose from the many themes that we have available, or we can create a customized program that will stimulate the senses and leave your audience spellbound.



Children's Pirate Parties

We offer pirate themed birthday parties at the San Diego Maritime Museum for groups age 5 to 12. The Program is structured to offer an educational foundation of exploration and discovery in a fun and safe environment.


The parties are three hours long, and are usually scheduled between 10:00am and 5:00pm.


The party starts out on the Star of India and then moves over to the H.M.S. Surprise, and back to the Star. On rainy occasions, we may also use the Berkeley Ferryboat.


Included are activities such as raising a sail and lowering the anchor, boarding and plundering the ships, swashbuckling 101, going on a treasure hunt, and dividing the gold among the crew.


The basic program includes one pirate character, is designed for up to 20 kids, and welcomes up to 20 adult observers. Any additional children above the initial 20 will require an additional pirate character. Parents/guardians above the initial 20 will be required to pay the regular museum admission prices.


You would be responsible for the food and the cake, the utensils, and the pirate booty bags (to be hidden and found on the treasure hunt), and we take care of the rest!


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Casino/Monte Carlo Night

Come try your luck. Beat the dealer!


Our casino theme parties are great for your next corporate function, private party or fundraising event. We offer the most popular casino games--Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Texas Hold'em--as well as Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride and 3-Card Poker.  Our casino theme parties are great for your next event. 


Your venue can be outfitted in a variety of Casino themes, from the high roller black tie event complete with brilliant ambience to the casual river boat scene. Entertainers and magicians stroll the floor entertaining your guests while culinary delights, interspersed though out the floor tantalize the palates. Centerpieces of chips, dice, and cards bring the theme together for a fun and memorable evening. As a topper to the evening prizes are included for the high winner. Roll the dice!



Pirate's Plunder

Arrgh Matey! This be the night to celebrate yer crew with music, grog and a fine feast! It's the new twist on the mysteries from the days of old.  We take you to a pirates' ship paradise where your guests are the pirate kings.  No tattered cloth and blackened teeth here! Lanterns light the night on cocktail tables. International stations are draped in rich colors and brocade linens and accented by candle light. Treasure chests filled with faux jewels, urns, and trinkets of plunder surround your incredible cuisine.


The ship’s decks are full colorful rich fabrics and a multitude of pirate paraphernalia to include treasure chests, lanterns, swords, jewels, urns etc.… Bamboo covered bars with pirate flags; skull & crossbones banner flags line the perimeter of the event and take your guests back to the times where piracy was king. Listen to the light hearted Privateer Band as well as be entertained by pirate characters dressed in their gallant garb and sing along or dance the night away.



Carnival Night

Come Samba with us! Carnival is a party where everybody lets it all hang loose. It's time to forget inhibitions, wear a wild costume, play a character, and live your fantasies. By tradition, the party starts on Saturday, and ends on Fat Tuesday. Your event can begin and end when you prefer. Large feathered Carnival masks set the mood and color palette for this light hearted, yet chic evening. Masks are created with multiple colored feathers, each different.  They rise on poles, covered in marabou and brightly colored bases.


The tables, draped in bright color cloths, lime, orange, yellow and hot pink then topped with soft palms. 400 feet of string lights add a touch of local flavor above the festivities. The over all effect of this event is high style design set in Caribbean colors and folklore, a perfect presentation for your guests. Of course the cuisine is from Creole to Cajun. The music from Jazz & Blues to Zydeco, you choose!



Changes In Lattitude

It's time to let your hair down, put your shorts on, and enjoy the ambience of the westerly horizons.  It's time to celebrate the change in latitude and have a change in attitude- the tropical warm breeze; swaying palm trees and a star-studded sky are the basic ingredients for your guests to experience what it really means to live in the tropics of Southern California.


Tables are covered in festive linens topped with Margarita centerpieces and golden doubloons. Dining faire can be customized from the Caribbean to the Polynesian Archipelagos. Grab a friend and dance the night away with one of local island themed bands or interactive entertainers. Multi-string lights enhance the lighthearted mood.  A variety of tropical décor options are available that will mesmerize you with their beauty and personalities - Hold on to friends, take a picture - As a reminder of an exceptional night to be treasured for years to come!



Other Themes

Other Popular Theme Events (sample options):

  • Wine Tasting Evening
  • Roaring 20's, Big Band
  • 50's & 60's Eras
  • International Celebration
  • Patriotic/Red, White & Blue
  • Casino/Monte Carlo
  • Holidays/Christmas Theme
  • Musical/Broadway
  • New Year's Eve
  • Black tie Gala
  • High Rollers
  • Beach Party
  • Night In Casablanca
  • Love Boat



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